Like any other parts of the house, door could be something special as well that we always forget to clean and wipe the dirt-away. Doors that are made from woods could be the most simple and common kind that we use and we can see in every house. People sometimes would not take time to clean it as they can’t see anything that makes it dirty. Even though, this is the matter you still need to make sure that it is dust-free and the paint is still well to look at. You can have many ways to clean it and you can browse the site of iron doors fort worth as they can give you some practical tips and hacks to make it spotless and attractive to look at. Here are some of the step that you may follow when you clean your house doors next time.  

  1. You may use a feather duster or even a clean soft broom and try to dust it. It will help you remove the bigger particles of the cobweb and accumulated dust. This is a must if you don’t want to live with spiders in your place.  
  1. If you can see some stain there, better to use a mild soap and a clean cloth or even a sponge to remove it. Be sure to rinse the remaining soap after cleaning it so that it won’t dry there.  
  1. It is a must to check the edges of the door to make sure that everything will be cleaned. You can use a cloth with a little water sprayed on it. Don’t scrub it too much as it may cause roughing of the surface and even discoloration.  
  1. For those stain that is very hard to get rid, you may use a small amount of mineral spirits to wipe the stain away. This one acts like a thinner that we usually use and contained in a paint.  
  1. If you can find a liquid polisher for the furniture in your local shop or hardware, that would be better to use. You just need to spray a small amount of it to the surface and gently rub it with a soft cloth. You can use this one after putting the mineral spirits.  
  1. If you have the machine for cleaning it, like a steaming cleaning machine and that is a great device to use. Just be sure that you need to remove the soap particles that you can see there, you may use a cloth or a rag.  
  1. If you are planning to change the color of your door’s paint. You need to secure first that the first paint installed there should be removed. You can do sanding to remove the varnish or paint immediately. You may use as well all the chemicals available in your hardware or supermarket shops. Changing the paint and varnish them would give a good protection to the doors. The same thing goes with the roof or walls.