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A Quick Guide to Planning Your Irrigation System’s Watering Schedule

Experts recommend that you plan your watering schedule carefully and write it down so you remember before you perform actual programming on your time or controller. There are many variables including sprinklers, type of soil, drip irrigation systems, sunny areas, the wind, slopes, shady areas, etc., that is quite impossible to be associated with an exact formula regarding with how you should program your irrigation timer or controller. As a matter of fact, each watering zone or station will have a varying requirement. We suggest that you spend some time in understanding how much your water your plants need in each station. You can start by answering the questions below:  

 Irrigation System

  1. How Long Should You Water Each Station? 

In order to make sure that you don’t under or over water a particular watering station or zone, experts recommend that you find out first what the saturation point is for every zone on your system. You can use a wrist watch or stop watch to determine the saturation point of the soil. Turn on the valve and then watch the sprinklers watering your plants. When the water begins to run off the watered area, the soil has already reached its saturation point. You should record the time for the saturation point for this watering station or zone, but try to program a little lesser time for the zone so that you’re not wasting water. You can repeat this for every station on your irrigation system. This can be a very great starting point if you want to determine how long you should water every watering station or zone on your system.  

  1. How Frequent Should You Water Each Station? 

Now that you have already determined how long it will take for the soil to saturate, you’ll also need to estimate how long it would take the water to evaporate. Most of the time, this will vary yearly depending on weather, wind, temperature, sun, and shade. In addition to that, you’ll also find that some stations will also need water more often compared to others. It will then make the adjustments easy using your controller or timer. Fortunately, most irrigation service provider offers irrigation system with different programs and multiple start times in order to accommodate all the scheduling requirements, needs, and preferences of their customers.  

  1. What Is the Best Time of The Day to Water? 

It’s often recommended that you water one to three hours before sunrise, especially when water pressure is optimal. But, you might be competing for water pressure with your neighbors. This is the reason why you should pay to the watering patterns of your neighborhood as well in order to determine what is the best time to start watering. Every early in the morning is considered as the best time for most plants. This is because less water will evaporate during early morning hours and there are chances that the leaves will burn if the plant is water while there is sunshine. If you want to know more about irrigation systems, visit us here

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How Hair Spa Treatments Affect the Quality of Life

Nowadays, the new trend in all advanced beauty salons is a hair spa treatment. The increased popularity of hair spa treatment is quite synonymous with that of a body spa that leaves your body rejuvenated as well as feeling refreshed as if you have gone through a complete overall change.  

 Hair Spa

Certainly, everyone loves to boast off their healthy, beautiful hair. Prior to the existence of hair spas, straight hair was actually considered to be a symbol of healthy hair even though it didn’t seem to work for all people. As a matter of fact, hair spa treatment is the first and possibly be the last perfect treatment for lifeless and dull hair. Aside from treating brittle and dry hair, hair spa also promises to treat some common hair problems like dry hair, dull hair split ends, dandruff and much more. Here are some of the most important reasons why it has been considered as one of the most ideal hair treatments today that can be used by people of all ages, men, and women.   

  1. Hair spa treatments can extremely condition the hair and it can even relieve dry hair and split ends. In addition to that, hair spa treatments gradually settle problems with baldness, hair loss, dandruff, and many more related hair issues.
  2. Hair spa treatments can also condition the scalp as well as leaves it free from harmful chemicals or any pollutants that have set deeply into the roots of your hair due to the chemical based hair products that you use and even pollution in the air and water.
  3. Furthermore, hair spa treatment also embodies massages that can help stimulate your blood flow, which in turn strengthen your nerves that are present in your scalp area.
  4. Hair spa treatments can also help in normalizing oil secretion, which helps you control the oil level of your hair.
  5. Hair spa treatment also helps in stimulating the scalp’s blood circulation as well as helps in increasing cell metabolism.
  6. Hair spa treatment can also help remove all kinds of impurities that have set deeply into the pores of your scalp, making it easy to repair your hair, which has been damaged by harmful chemicals.
  7. Hair spa treatments will not only make sure that your hair will grow steadily but it can also assure you that you will have a vibrant, shiny and healthy hair that everyone dreams of.
  8. Since hair spa treatments also incorporate massage every session, people who receive it will be certainly more relaxed to a considerable level. Furthermore, just like body spa, hair spa treatment can also be used in order to relieve stress and anxiety.
  9. Hair spa treatments might seem like a temporary treatment to others, but what they don’t really know about hair spa treatments is that its benefits can last longer than you could imagine. This is because hair spa treatment directly impacts the roots of your hair, which promotes healthy and vibrant hair growth. If you want to receive a quality hair spa treatment, make sure that you only trust reputable and best salons in Portland.
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Finding the Perfect Floor

The flooring of a house is one of the most important factors of which makes a great home. Every day, a house’s floor takes the most beating by far, compared to other parts or aspects of a house, as this is where you walk, run, hop, jump and even slide if you’re into that kind of fun. Having a good solid strong floor doesn’t just make it safer, but it also makes it look more beautiful. Like any other part or element of a house, the options for finding your perfect floor are limitless, from different materials to different colors, to different finishes, you are sure to find that perfect floor for your home.

Perfect Floor

There are many types of floors with even more variations for those types that would suit your every flooring desires. From flooring that would be more efficient for rooms with moisture such as bathrooms, to rooms that would have a lot of play time for children’s rooms. Every room can have a different floor, each with a specific function that would be the best option for the room.

One of the most common and best types of flooring that you can get are hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring installation in Atlanta is not only a strong and reliable option, being very durable that would last long if properly maintained, it is also a beautiful flooring option. This type of flooring comes in a variety of hardwoods, from oak to cherry, pine, birch, or even walnut. Hardwood floors are long lasting, and they have water resistant properties as well. Some hardwood floors develop a darker shade as it ages, which could be appealing to some. If not properly maintained, however, hardwood floors could warp and shrink, that would end up creating gaps.

For rooms that have a higher chance of moisture presence, such as outdoor areas, bathrooms, and kitchens, ceramic tiles are an ideal choice, as they have high water resistant properties. Ceramic tiles also come in a variety of colors, finishes, and sizes, allowing you to be creative in the way you wish your tiles would look. Some common and popular ceramic tile finishes come in matte, glazed and unglazed, and even textured ceramic tiles for anti-slip purposes. Ceramic tiles, however, can invite the presence of scratches, and maintenance of tiles require more attention because of the grout lines.

A great flooring option for children’s rooms, entertainment areas or rooms that would have a lot of activity from children is carpet flooring. Carpet flooring is soft and therefore would be safer for children to play in in the case of kids tripping and falling. They also have non-slip properties which are great for kids running around the room. For entertainment rooms, carpet is an ideal choice as the carpet can act as a sound diffuser which can greatly benefit the acoustics of the room.

From hardwood flooring to carpets, there are many options for you to choose from when it comes to your home’s flooring. With different colors, material options, finishes, sizes and even designs, there is no shortage of choices for you to find the perfect floor for your home.


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